Our History

BE9J0257Elite Bartending School was established in Miami, Florida in 2007. We are a State Licensed Bartending School fully regulated by the Florida Department of Education. In building Elite Bartending School our founders wanted to put together a school unlike any other of its kind, providing a stellar education which was current and providing students with a challenging, and applicable hands on experience behind real bars. Most schools out there today teach students a history lesson with minimal challenge. We are not that school. We train our students to be ready for the high volume bartending scene that cities like Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and the Key West areas demand. We have become the primary example for other Bartending Schools, leading the industry in producing thousands of today’s top bartenders over the years. With our doors open for over 6 years out of our original location here in Miami Beach we are excited to have headed South to become the Southernmost Bartending School in the USA, offering the program at The Square Grouper Bar and Grill on the beautiful Florida Keys. Like in all of our locations, we have always felt doing the program out of an actual bar setting makes for the most ideal classroom in which to learn bartending. Elite Bartending School’s program is very hands on; doing all lectures and practicing directly at and behind the bar. This provides the ultimate hands on experience for our students and provides all students with amazing job placement opportunities. All students have access to all of our Job Placement and event staffing opportunities in not only in the Florida Keys, but all throughout Southwest Florida, Miami Dade and Broward Counties.

Our Facility

OUR CLASSROOM KEYSElite Bartending School of The Florida Keys offers a classroom setting and hands on education unlike any other. Located just North of Key West at mile marker 22 at The Square Grouper Bar and Grill. The Square Grouper is a one of a kind restaurant and recently voted as the 2015 peoples choice for “Best Seafood Restaurants in the Florida Keys” in Keys Weekly Magazine. Our hands on classroom is taught behind the bars downstairs at the Square Grouper and upstairs at My New Joint, providing the most optimal and practical education for students. Combine that with Elite Bartending School’s state of the art curriculum, stellar instruction and award winning mixology and you have the ultimate applicable education on bartending today. Elite’s bars are set up with today’s most commonly used liquor bottles to give students the most realistic look and feel possible. After class students are always encouraged to come into the Square Grouper for a drink and see their fellow Alumni in action behind the bar. All barstaff at the Square Grouper have gone through the course. Call the school to schedule a tour!


BE9J0481Elite Bartending School’s instruction is taught only by the most Elite in the business. Our owners are also our instructors. Our seasoned Instructors have over 25 years combined experience in what they do best, high volume Bartending, spectacular customer service, and Mixology. Elite’s instructors have worked in some of the busiest high volume and mixology based bars in the world and will have all the answers to student’s questions. We take pride in being educated, charismatic, extremely patient. This helps in educating our students the right way, instilling only the best skills and talents into all potential students. All of our instructors are passionate ad skilled in the bar business and look forward to continuing to educate the next generation of Elite Bartenders . Please see the “Instructors” section to see our qualifications and work experience!

Hands On Approach

BE9J0188Elite Bartending School of the Florida Keys is the perfect place for prospective bartenders to hone their skills in high volume bartender training, mixology and customer service. Elite’s classes are 100% “hands on” and are held and taught inside of one of Florida Keys best establishments. This provides for a one of a kind learning center for all students. Combine that with Elite Bartending School’s state of the art curriculum, P.O.S. computer/register training, and nothing less than stellar instruction and you have the most applicable and hands on education you can receive in bartending today. Elite Bartending School’s “hands on approach” is also taught with small class sizes to provide a more personalized, one-on-one training experience. Our program is a unique learning experience unlike any other and provides a real world bartending experience. Classes are also taught in Spanish as per demand. Call the school for details.

P.O.S. (Point of Sale) Computer Training

Elite Bartending School of Southwest Florida offers Point Of Sale computer training to all students who enroll in the school. Students will do hours of mock transactions by making drinks orders and ringing them in to learn how to properly operate the P.O.S system and its functions. This is an essential skill and great resume builder to have in today’s bartending world.

Open Bar Practice Hours Before and After Class

open bar practice hours before and after classElite Bartending School of the Florida Keys opens its doors early and stays open late. Students are able to practice behind the bar weekdays before or after class, or when classes arent in session. This unique option Elite offers its students allows them utilize the our unique learning environment to improve skills and speed to master their craft.

Free Continuing Education Workshops

Elite_0359Bartending and Mixology is an always changing and evolving industry. Something our students learn in class today may change in the future. This is why we have always been a firm believer in free continuing education for all of our Alumni Elite Bartending School offers free continuing education upon graduation in workshops such Speed classes, Mixology classes, and Flair. Students are welcome to sign up for these classes on our “Bartender Forums” section and attend as frequently as they can. This keeps our students skilled, knowledgeable and Elite!

Lifetime Job Placement options in The Florida Keys, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and Southwest Florida (Bartender Forums)

RDZ_0197Elite Bartending School of The Florida Keys offers all students and Alumni unlimited lifetime nationwide job placement. Specializing in job placement for our students all throughout Southwest Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and The Florida Keys via our social networking site called the “Bartender Forums”. This one of a kind job placement site is private, and accessible only by Elite Bartending School’s Job Placement Coordinators, Current Students and Alumni. On top of top notch job placement and event staffing, the Bartender Forums keeps Elite’s students up to date on day to day school activities, upcoming free continuing education workshop dates, the latest knowledge on mixology, theory, flair bartending, and resume postings. Once enrolled in the program students are given their username and password and have access to any and all events posted though Elite.

photo (4)In the past 6 years Elite has and continues to staff hundreds of Alumni each year for all major events in South Florida such as Ultra Music Festival (2009 – 2015), Fantasy Fest (2012 – 2014) and full time employment for venues like the American Airlines Arena (2011 – 2015) for all Miami Heat home games and concerts. Elite takes pride in staffing only its students for the best events and full time bartending jobs. Excellent and consistent job placement that all students and Alumni can count on, in some of the best bartending cities to do it in. Join us!

Lifetime Membership

Elite Bartending School’s tuition includes a lifetime membership. We have an open door policy for Alumni during normal business hours. Graduates are encouraged to come back after completing the course to sit in on a class, ask questions, touch up skills behind the bar, and/or obtain assistance in job placement.